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Getting Started

Do you or someone close to you enjoy listening to music? Do you have certain styles that really interest you? Enough interest to want to learn how to play? Have you looked into your own instrument? Know someone with a good piano to practice on? Ekota Suzuki Piano can offer you observation of actual lessons to help you decide if this is a good fit for you. 

Nice piano hands for kids
 SUZUKI  "All children have the potential at birth to become persons of high ability" Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

The "Ekota - Suzuki" style of learning combines the aural traditions of music learning with modern pedagogy and our available technology. The discovery and initial development of your own innate musical ability is nurtured before the introduction of music reading. This learning style is also a great prerequisite for those interested in improvisation. Highly recommended for young beginners whose parents are willing to make a strong commitment to participate and team up with the teacher. 

Francis Winspear stage
Royal Conservatory of Music
"Advancing the transformative effect of music lies at at the heart of everything we do."  Dr. Peter Simon

RCM, originally Toronto-based, has grown to offer teachers and students across Canada the ability to follow a structured and well-rounded traditional music learning program. Preparation for performance and theory exams are part of each term.  Certification and accreditation is internationally recognized. Modern technology offers in-person and remote opportunities for performance and accreditation. 

keyboard setup
  Custom   Music production in contemporary styles. 

Custom configuration lessons for all ages and ability levels. Strictly speaking, see the above programs for beginners, especially children. However, if your musical requirements are out of the realm of RCM and Suzuki and involve performance/production from amateur to professional, please feel free to contact for assistance. 

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