Getting Started

Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you have certain styles that really interest you? Enough interest to want to learn how to play? Start early and do a lot of listening. When you have enough familiarity with the music you hear, you can imitate and make it sound close. An experienced music teacher, one that won't just lead you, but guide you, is what you should seek. 

  Suzuki Program   

The Suzuki learning tradition is based upon aural learning principles. Our ability to learn to speak our own language demonstrates that this principle is sound. (no pun intended?)

We hear and imitate to communicate. We don't have to carry books written in our own language to have conversation with each other but this depends on complexity and sophistication!  This style of learning is organic, natural and continues the aural tradition that is music itself. Symbols and notation are introduced later after enough ability is learned. This learning style is also a great prerequisite for those interested in improvisation. Highly recommended for young beginners whose parents are willing to make a strong commitment to participate and team up with the teacher. 

RCM Program

Royal Conservatory of Music, originally based in Toronto, now offers teachers and students across Canada the ability to follow a structured and well-rounded traditional music learning program. Preparation for performance and theory exams is part of each term.  Certification internationally recognized. Ekota students consistently score high marks and demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of their learned levels. 

  Custom Program   

Intermediate and advanced musicians may require help from time to time. Arrangements, transcriptions, quick masterclasses in harmony and voice leading can be arranged as needed. Various contemporary styles are available.  DAW recording, digital production and MIDI interface savvy.