Getting Started

Are you completely new to music? Read our blog about how to grow a musician. Also, click above to take a look at what you'll need to do to get ready. This step creates a music environment in your home. One that leads to the sounds of live music foryou and your family. Let's get started! 

  Suzuki Program   

Suzuki-style learning is named after a Japanese Sensei (Shinichi Suzuki) who realized how Japanese children learn to speak Japanese, then so can this principle be applied to learning to play a musical instrument. It is well-suited to children from age 0 and up! Parental involvement is essential to this style of learning and is much the same as how we teach our children to speak their native language. 

RCM Program

Royal Conservatory of Music, originally based in Toronto, now offers teachers and students across Canada the ability to follow a structured and well-rounded traditional music learning program. Preparation for performance and theory exams is part of each term.  Certification internationally recognized. 

  Custom Program   

You may already play and have a few new songs you are trying to learn but need some help. There are also different styles of learning that may suit your needs better than the more traditional ways. DAW recording and MIDI interface savvy.