What kind of musical equipment do you already own at your home? 

Here's a handy check list: 

Stereo system: Sources are many. Just a few are Bluetooth, CD/DVD, vinyl LP, cassette, 8 track and reel to reel. 


Listening media: CD's, DVD's, records, tapes/cassettes etc. 


Instruments: guitar, ukelele, violin, flute, cello, trumpet, drums, maracas, tin whistle, acoustic piano, electronic keyboard, organ etc.

Music stands, adjustable height chair or bench, microphone stands, amplifiers, microphones, cables and cords etc. 



What you'll need if you're taking piano:

An acoustic piano - start with an upright acoustic that isn't very old, has a recognizable name like Yamaha or Kawai, is in very good playable condition and has been recently tuned. If a piano is out of the question, you may discuss this with your teacher for further options. 

An adjustable piano chair or bench - kids have to be able to sit at the keyboard at all the same angles as an adult. 

A footstool - this has to provide a foot rest for kids who can't yet reach the floor. Without this, feet are dangling, backs are getting sore and balance is off. Adjustable is best.

A few good sources of sound for listening to recordings - consider a good quality speaker system that can play CDs or that you can connect to your media source. A high quality headphone system is also an excellent way to listen without distraction.