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Some points to consider:

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

 Practicing and listening combine symbiotically in music learning.

While it’s true that the more you practice, the faster you’ll grow musically on your instrument. The more you listen, the more effective your practice will become!

Working together with your teacher, we can use strategies to help you to establish your personal practice routine. The whole point is to allow the natural curiosity and discovery of music at the piano to blossom and grow. This connection to music is what playing your instrument is all about and it leads towards lifelong learning and enjoyment!

Challenging material is clearly mapped out and is always something successfully accomplished at the lesson. The next step is to take that challenge home and keep doing it - slowly at first, on a regular basis, until you can do it easily.

Taking notes and recorded video is highly recommended for understanding the “what” and “how” of practicing when you get home.

 Remember, a supportive and positive practice partner needs to demonstrate the best possible characteristics. Your student will learn valuable skills that will lead them towards independent practice. They may someday practice with another student just as you did with them.

 It’s best to re-visit what was done in the lesson as soon as you can while it’s still fresh in your mind and in your student’s muscle memory. Mental and muscle memory may eventually deteriorate without reinforcement. Use the lesson as a starting point and try not to delay resuming your practice routine.

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