Healthy Learning

Ekota Music Studio offers both in-person and remote learning sessions depending on circumstances and personal preference. 

Remote lessons are conducted via the Zoom platform with highest quality internet data connection, hi-resolution cameras and studio quality microphones.  Your experience will also depend on your internet connection and quality of devices. 

For in-person classes, hand-washing before and after classes, masking and physical distancing guidelines will be part of our heath procedures to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

A health guideline agreement will also be required prior to in-person attendance. 


"Beautiful tone = Beautiful heart"

This is a quote from Shinchi Suzuki, a music educator who became quite famous.  He believed everyone was musical and could further develop their music skills and abilities provided they were in the right environment. Parents who have children interested in piano can find information about Suzuki style learning by following the link below. Also known as the Mother Tongue Approach where a child learns to speak, read and write in their own language because of the environment in which they are raised.  All Suzuki lessons include at least one parent. 

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished"  S. Suzuki

Ken is a registered teacher with Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association, the Suzuki Association of the Americas and the Royal Conservatory of Music. He is also alumni of MacEwan University in Edmonton.


Performance and Recording opportunities are available through graduation concerts, recitals, volunteering and through Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Registration is by appointment.


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